Package rdkit :: Package Chem :: Package Fingerprints :: Module DbFpSupplier
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Module DbFpSupplier

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Supplies a class for working with fingerprints from databases

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new fps come back with all additional fields from the...
DbFp supplier supporting only forward iteration
DbFp supplier supporting random access: >>> import os.path >>> from rdkit import RDConfig >>> from rdkit.Dbase.DbConnection import DbConnect >>> fName = RDConfig.RDTestDatabase >>> conn = DbConnect(fName,'simple_combined') >>> suppl = RandomAccessDbFpSupplier(conn.GetData()) >>> len(suppl) 12
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_runDoctests(verbose=None) source code
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  __package__ = 'rdkit.Chem.Fingerprints'

Imports: DataStructs, six, VLibNode, cPickle