Package rdkit :: Package Chem :: Package Suppliers :: Module DbMolSupplier :: Class ForwardDbMolSupplier
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Class ForwardDbMolSupplier

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             object --+        
MolSupplier.MolSupplier --+    
              DbMolSupplier --+

DbMol supplier supporting only forward iteration

new molecules come back with all additional fields from the
database set in a "_fieldsFromDb" data member

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__init__(self, dbResults, **kwargs) source code
Reset(self) source code
NextMol(self) source code

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__init__(self, dbResults, **kwargs)

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DbResults should be an iterator for Dbase.DbResultSet.DbResultBase

Overrides: object.__init__


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Overrides: MolSupplier.MolSupplier.Reset


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NOTE: this has side effects

Overrides: MolSupplier.MolSupplier.NextMol