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Module AnalyzeComposite

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command line utility to report on the contributions of descriptors to
tree-based composite models

Usage:  AnalyzeComposite [optional args] <models>

      <models>: file name(s) of pickled composite model(s)
        (this is the name of the db table if using a database)

    Optional Arguments:

      -n number: the number of levels of each model to consider

      -d dbname: the database from which to read the models

      -N Note: the note string to search for to pull models from the database

      -v: be verbose whilst screening

Functions [hide private]
ProcessIt(composites, nToConsider=3, verbose=0) source code
ErrorStats(conn, where, enrich=1) source code
ShowStats(statD, enrich=1) source code
Usage() source code
Variables [hide private]
  __VERSION_STRING = '2.2.0'
  __package__ = 'rdkit.ML'

Imports: sys, numpy, DbConnect, ScreenComposite, Stats, TreeUtils, Tree, cPickle