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Module CrossValidate

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handles doing cross validation with naive bayes models
and evaluation of individual models

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makeNBClassificationModel(trainExamples, attrs, nPossibleValues, nQuantBounds, mEstimateVal=-1.0, useSigs=False, ensemble=None, useCMIM=0, **kwargs) source code
CrossValidate(NBmodel, testExamples, appendExamples=0) source code
CrossValidationDriver(examples, attrs, nPossibleValues, nQuantBounds, mEstimateVal=0.0, holdOutFrac=0.3, modelBuilder=<function makeNBClassificationModel at 0x7f8f156b4488>, silent=0, calcTotalError=0, **kwargs) source code
Variables [hide private]
  CMIM = None
  __package__ = 'rdkit.ML.NaiveBayes'

Imports: SplitData, NaiveBayesClassifier