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Module NetNode

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Contains the class _NetNode_ which is used to represent nodes in neural nets

**Network Architecture:**

  A tacit assumption in all of this stuff is that we're dealing with
  feedforward networks.

  The network itself is stored as a list of _NetNode_ objects.  The list
  is ordered in the sense that nodes in earlier/later layers than a
  given node are guaranteed to come before/after that node in the list.
  This way we can easily generate the values of each node by moving
  sequentially through the list, we're guaranteed that every input for a
  node has already been filled in.

  Each node stores a list (_inputNodes_) of indices of its inputs in the
  main node list.

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a node in a neural network
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  __package__ = 'rdkit.ML.Neural'

Imports: numpy, ActFuncs