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RDDepictor.h File Reference
#include <RDGeneral/types.h>
#include <Geometry/point.h>
#include <boost/smart_ptr.hpp>

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class  RDDepict::DepictException


 Std stuff.


unsigned int RDDepict::compute2DCoords (RDKit::ROMol &mol, const RDGeom::INT_POINT2D_MAP *coordMap=0, bool canonOrient=false, bool clearConfs=true, unsigned int nFlipsPerSample=0, unsigned int nSamples=0, int sampleSeed=0, bool permuteDeg4Nodes=false)
 Generate 2D coordinates (a depiction) for a molecule. More...
unsigned int RDDepict::compute2DCoordsMimicDistMat (RDKit::ROMol &mol, const DOUBLE_SMART_PTR *dmat=0, bool canonOrient=true, bool clearConfs=true, double weightDistMat=0.5, unsigned int nFlipsPerSample=3, unsigned int nSamples=100, int sampleSeed=25, bool permuteDeg4Nodes=true)
 Compute the 2D coordinates such the interatom distances. More...
void RDDepict::generateDepictionMatching2DStructure (RDKit::ROMol &mol, const RDKit::ROMol &reference, int confId=-1, RDKit::ROMol *referencePattern=static_cast< RDKit::ROMol * >(0), bool acceptFailure=false)
 Compute 2D coordinates where a piece of the molecule is. More...
void RDDepict::generateDepictionMatching3DStructure (RDKit::ROMol &mol, const RDKit::ROMol &reference, int confId=-1, RDKit::ROMol *referencePattern=0, bool acceptFailure=false)
 Generate a 2D depiction for a molecule where all or part of. More...