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StreamOps.h File Reference
#include "types.h"
#include "Invariant.h"
#include "RDProps.h"
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <boost/cstdint.hpp>
#include <boost/detail/endian.hpp>

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 Includes a bunch of functionality for handling Atom and Bond queries.




template<class T , unsigned int size>
RDKit::SwapBytes (T value)
template<EEndian from, EEndian to, class T >
RDKit::EndianSwapBytes (T value)
template<EEndian from, EEndian to>
char RDKit::EndianSwapBytes (char value)
template<EEndian from, EEndian to>
unsigned char RDKit::EndianSwapBytes (unsigned char value)
template<EEndian from, EEndian to>
signed char RDKit::EndianSwapBytes (signed char value)
void RDKit::appendPackedIntToStream (std::stringstream &ss, boost::uint32_t num)
 Packs an integer and outputs it to a stream. More...
boost::uint32_t RDKit::readPackedIntFromStream (std::stringstream &ss)
 Reads an integer from a stream in packed format and returns the result. More...
boost::uint32_t RDKit::pullPackedIntFromString (const char *&text)
template<typename T >
void RDKit::streamWrite (std::ostream &ss, const T &val)
 does a binary write of an object to a stream More...
void RDKit::streamWrite (std::ostream &ss, const std::string &what)
 special case for string More...
template<typename T >
void RDKit::streamRead (std::istream &ss, T &loc)
 does a binary read of an object from a stream More...
template<class T >
void RDKit::streamRead (std::istream &ss, T &obj, int version)
 special case for string More...
void RDKit::streamRead (std::istream &ss, std::string &what, int version)
std::string RDKit::getLine (std::istream *inStream)
 grabs the next line from an instream and returns it. More...
std::string RDKit::getLine (std::istream &inStream)
 grabs the next line from an instream and returns it. More...
bool RDKit::isSerializable (const Dict::Pair &pair)
bool RDKit::streamWriteProp (std::ostream &ss, const Dict::Pair &pair)
bool RDKit::streamWriteProps (std::ostream &ss, const RDProps &props, bool savePrivate=false, bool saveComputed=false)
template<class T >
void RDKit::readRDValue (std::istream &ss, RDValue &value)
void RDKit::readRDValueString (std::istream &ss, RDValue &value)
bool RDKit::streamReadProp (std::istream &ss, Dict::Pair &pair)
unsigned int RDKit::streamReadProps (std::istream &ss, RDProps &props)


const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::StringTag = 0
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::IntTag = 1
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::UnsignedIntTag = 2
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::BoolTag = 3
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::FloatTag = 4
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::DoubleTag = 5
const unsigned char RDKit::DTags::EndTag = 0xFF