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RDKit::EnumerationStrategyPickler Namespace Reference


void pickle (const boost::shared_ptr< EnumerationStrategyBase > &enumerator, std::ostream &ss)
 pickles a EnumerationStrategy and adds the results to a stream ss More...
void pickle (const boost::shared_ptr< EnumerationStrategyBase > &enumerator, std::string &s)
boost::shared_ptr< EnumerationStrategyBasefromPickle (std::istream &pickle)
boost::shared_ptr< EnumerationStrategyBasefromPickle (const std::string &pickle)
 a pointer to the EnumerationStrategyBase More...

Function Documentation

boost::shared_ptr<EnumerationStrategyBase> RDKit::EnumerationStrategyPickler::fromPickle ( std::istream &  pickle)

constructs a EnumerationStrategy from a pickle stored in a string Since an EnumerationStrategyBase is polymorphic, this must return a shared pointer to the EnumerationStrategyBase

Referenced by RDKit::EnumerateLibraryBase::initFromString().

boost::shared_ptr<EnumerationStrategyBase> RDKit::EnumerationStrategyPickler::fromPickle ( const std::string &  pickle)

a pointer to the EnumerationStrategyBase

void RDKit::EnumerationStrategyPickler::pickle ( const boost::shared_ptr< EnumerationStrategyBase > &  enumerator,
std::string &  s