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RDKit::MMPA Namespace Reference


bool fragmentMol (const ROMol &mol, std::vector< std::pair< ROMOL_SPTR, ROMOL_SPTR > > &result, unsigned int maxCuts=3, unsigned int maxCutBonds=20, const std::string &pattern="[#6+0;!$(*=,#[!#6])]!@!=!#[*]")

Function Documentation

bool RDKit::MMPA::fragmentMol ( const ROMol mol,
std::vector< std::pair< ROMOL_SPTR, ROMOL_SPTR > > &  result,
unsigned int  maxCuts = 3,
unsigned int  maxCutBonds = 20,
const std::string &  pattern = "[#6+0;!$(*=,#[!#6])]!@!=!#[*]" 

fragments a Molecule for processing with the Matched Molecular Pairs MMPA algorithm (Hussain et al)

molMolecule to fragment
resultVector of Core and Sidechain results from the various cuts
maxCutsMaximum number of times to cut the molecule to generate fragments. A max cut of 3 will fragment with 1,2 and 3 cuts.
maxCutBondsSet the bond limit for determining which molecules to analyze. If a molecule has more than this number of cutabble bonds, ignore.
true if the molecule was fragmented, false otherwise.