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RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams Struct Reference

#include <ReactionFingerprints.h>

Public Member Functions

 ReactionFingerprintParams ()
 ReactionFingerprintParams (bool includeAgents, double bitRatioAgents, unsigned int nonAgentWeight, int agentWeight, unsigned int fpSize, FingerprintType fpType)

Public Attributes

bool includeAgents
double bitRatioAgents
unsigned int nonAgentWeight
int agentWeight
unsigned int fpSize
FingerprintType fpType

Detailed Description

A struct for storing parameters to manipulate the calculation of fingerprints of chemical reactions

Different parameters can be chosen to influence the generation of chemical reaction fingerprints. Generally different setting should be used for structural or difference fingerprints.

includeAgentsinclude the agents of a reaction for fingerprint generation
bitRatioAgentsin structural fingerprints it determines the ratio of bits of the agents in the fingerprint
nonAgentWeightin difference fingerprints weight factor for reactants and products compared to agents
agentWeightif agents are included, agents could be weighted compared to reactants and products in difference fingerprints
fpSizenumber of bits of the fingerprint
fpTypekind of fingerprint used, e.g AtompairFP. Be aware that only AtompairFP, TopologicalTorsion and MorganFP were supported in the difference fingerprint.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::ReactionFingerprintParams ( )

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RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::ReactionFingerprintParams ( bool  includeAgents,
double  bitRatioAgents,
unsigned int  nonAgentWeight,
int  agentWeight,
unsigned int  fpSize,
FingerprintType  fpType 

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Member Data Documentation

int RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::agentWeight

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double RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::bitRatioAgents

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unsigned int RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::fpSize

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FingerprintType RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::fpType

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bool RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::includeAgents

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unsigned int RDKit::ReactionFingerprintParams::nonAgentWeight

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